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Adults & Teens Classes

Our adults and teens class are designed to teach you Tang Soo Do techniques but also to provide you with a cardio - intense physical workout. Your body will be constantly moving and using muscles that would normally not be utilised.


Physical exercise is proven to increase mental well being, increase energy levels. The core philosophy of our training stress the importance of a healthy mind and body. Students are challenged to better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally throughout Tang Soo Do training. You will learn to strengthen your mind and spirit.

You will be taught kicking, punching, striking and sparring, self defence techniques, weapons and forms(kata, hyungs) in accordance with the Tang Soo Do syllabus.Grades are recognised nationally and internationally.

  • Improved fitness, flexibility and focus

  • Weight loss and muscle tone

  • Self - Defence

  • Improved co-ordination, concentration and confidence

  • Social speaking/ performance skills

  • Improved Self - Esteem

  • Social interaction

  • Goal setting and goal achieving

  • Positive attitude and outlook on life

Group 2